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2020  -  Artistic Director of Guaira Ballet Théâtre, Curitiba-Paraná -Brasil

2019 -  Artistic Director of the Niterói City Ballet .
-  Guest Teacher at Connecticut Ballet

During his tenure at the Niteroi City ballet, he created the choreographic atelier for new choreographers from inside and outside the company, created the school project where every new season the first show was didactic and dedicated to public schools and charities, leading the company to perform at the Alvin Ailey theatre in NY. Made seasons especially dedicated to the children's audience. During the years of his direction, Niteroi City Ballet was the Brazilian ballet company that made the most shows in the national territory.

2018-Artistic Director of the Niteroi City Ballet.
- judge of the tanzfestival of Parnamirim - Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil
- Judge of the CBDD ( conselho brasileiro de dança )Festival, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil .
- Judge of the FIDPOA ( Festival internacional de dança de Porto Alegre ) , Porto Alegre - Brasil.

2017- Artistic Director of the Niteroi City Ballet.

2016- Artistic Director of the Niteroi City Ballet.

2015-Artistic Director of the Niteroi City Ballet.
- judge of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro .

2014-Artistic Director of the Niteroi City Ballet.
- judge of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro .

2013- Artistic Director of the Niterói city Ballet.
-Judge of the parades to the Series A of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro .
- Curator to the grants to the occupation of the municipal theaters of Rio de Janeiro
- Judge of the audition for new dancers in the Ballet of the Municipal Theatre of Río de Janeiro .

2012- Conceived and directed the show “ Around...” , Curitiba -Brasil.
- Became director of the Niterói City Ballet .

2011- Up grade in Gyrotonic Expansion System , New York -USA

2010- played “ The incredible journey of Peter the fortunate” by Ibsen , Directed by Gustavo Paso, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.
- Was curator of the projects for the dance area to “ Hoffman’s House” , Curitiba -Brasil.

2008- ballet Teacher to the “ Idea ballet company “.
- Was part to the cast to the contemporary ballet show “Station” by Sueli Guerra, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
- Teach Gyrotonic Expansion System
- played in the theater show “
The tunnel” , by Dias Gomes ,directed by Gustavo Paso, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.

2007- Dedicated to teach Gyrotonic Expansion System.
- Gave a summer course of ballet in the space “ Feodorova”

2006- Directed workshop on “Movement and concentration “, Macae -RJ- Brasil
- Was member of the residence of the “Tchekov process”, Directed by Henrique Dias.

2005- Produced , Directed and performed in the show “ Dear Usbek

2004- Was part of the cast of “ Baygon 6 husbands “ advertising film for the O2 movies .Sao Paulo - Brasil .

2003- Directed the musical “Comunitá” by Cláudio Magnavita , Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.
- Conceived , Directed and Created the costumes of “ The poets flight” to the Guaíra 2 ballet Company . Curitiba-Brasil
- Directed a workshop on”movement and concentration “, Macaé - RJ - Brasil
- Was judge of the Theater-dance Festival of Macaé “ , RJ - Brasil

2002- Directed the body work of the show “ As far as possible” , directed by Marcelo Saback .Rio de Janeiro- Brasil.
-Certificate Gyrotonic Expansion System.

2001- Conceived and directed the Theater-dance show “ and very little lasted eternity »

2000- Was part of the cast of” Life is dream” by Calderon de La
Barca , Directed by Gabriel Vilela
- “Movement and concentration “ teacher , at the “Art 6 “ academy of TV and Cinema -Lisbon/Portugal

1999- Produced “ Where nothing stop” choreographed by Adriana Grechi. - Produced and performed “ Only the right things fall” choreographed and directed by Pieter De Ruiter ( from Nederland).

1998- Produced , Directed and performed in the show “ Two, only one !”.

1997- Created the costumes for “ The dawn of my life” , directed by Gabriel Vilela.
- Directed workshops in cities of the Paraná Estate , Brazil.

1996- Created the costumes for “Chained Prometeus “ directed by Rodolfo García Vázquez.
- Created the costumes and played in “ Women of Lorca” directed by Sandra Pires
- played in “Peter Pan” directed by Mauricio Vogue.
- Danced as a guest , one of the main role in “ Coppélius ,the magician” chorégraphie by Marcia Haideé.

1995- Was part of the cast and staff of the “Diademas Dance Company “ on São Paulo -Brasil .
- Moviment Directed and costume designer of a theater play “ Eight bass and we have any more horses “by Sandra Pires , Curitiba -Brasil
- Nominated and winner to the award “ Gralha azul” , as best designer for the “ Eight bass and we have no more horses.

1994- Was part of the Sandro Borelli Troupe in São Paulo - Brazil , in the contemporary Ballet Shows.
- Choreografed and created the costumes for the shows “A tragic accident” and “The incredible return of the lone rider” By Hugo Mengarelli.

1993- Was one of the 8 Brazilians dancers to be part of the Fernando Bujones Brazil( Ballet Company)

1991- São Paulo City Ballet

- Guaira Ballet Theater
- danced choreographies by : Rodrigo Pederneiras , Milko Sparembleck , Vasco Wellemkamp, Olga Roriz , Tatiana Leskowa, Luiz Arrieta, Carlos Trincheiras and Clyde Morgan among others ,and entire classical repertoire of the company as Giselle, Don Quixote, Nutcraker, Raymonda, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia among others.
- choreographed several pieces , criated many costumes and sets for the “ Coreographic Atelier” at the company .
- Being 6 times as a best costumer and set designer .
- Best choreographer for the ballet Des-concerto
- Performed as a guest in several cities in sothern Brazil , dances ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake,NutCracker , Raymonda( Pas de Deus) Silvia( Pas de Deus), Diana and Acteon, La Bayadere , Le Corsaire ( Pas de Deus)among others .
- Internship with the “Ballet Gulbenkian” , Lisbon - Portugal , directed by Jorge Salavisa.
- Ballet course with Raymond Franchetti , Paris- France
- soloist of Guaíra Ballet Theater .

1983- after casting was chosen to join in” Guaíra Ballet Theater” in Curitiba -Brasil , directed by Carlos Trincheiras

1981/1982- participated in the “Terra” and “ Phoenix “ ballet groups in Porto Alegre -Brasil

1980- began his theater and ballet studies in Porto Alegre -Brasil


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