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ARTISTIC DIRECTOR  |  2012 - 2020

2019 - 2020:   Ballet Teatro Guaíra - Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil 

During his stay in the direction of the Guaíra Ballet Theater, Pedro developed special projects for the internet due to the coronavirus pandemic.
While at Guaíra Ballet, Pedro provided:

•    Public classes with the company dancers and the Artistic staff .

•    Public classes with invited teachers.

•    Public classes shared with other ballet companies.

•    ‘Project Piazzola’ with the Symphony Orchestra of Paraná, 3 choreographies created for video.

•    ‘Project Bach’ with the Symphony Orchestra of Paraná, choreographies for video were created for Bach's first 5 inventions.

•    ODS Project, 23 videos were created, choreographed by the dancers themselves for the World Organization for Sustainable Development.

•    ‘Apartment waltz’ - Video with music by Shostakovich choreographed for the year's final show.

2012 - 2019:   Ballet of the City of Niterói - Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil

During his tenure at the Niteroi City Ballet, Pedro created the Choreographic Atelier for new choreographers from inside and outside the company. He also created a School Project where the first show of every new season was dedicated to public schools and charities, leading the company to perform at the Alvin Ailey theatre in NY. Some performances were especially dedicated to children's audience. Under Pedro’s tenure, the Niteroi City Ballet performed more shows in Brasil than any other Brasilian dance company.


While Pedro was the director of the Ballet of the City of Niterói, the company performed and produced several shows, and toured nationally and internationally. 

The shows were: ‘Choros and Waltzes’, ‘O Moment of That’, ‘Choreographic Atelier’, ‘Error 404’, ‘Pacific’, ‘Cortex’, ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’, ‘Casa de Carii’, ‘Ognati’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Freckled Cord’.



Rua das Flores Dance-Theater - Paraná, Brazil 

Pedro created the Company, producing, directing and choreographing shows such as:

‘Not sure, but I think so...’, ‘Two? Only one !’, ‘Where nothing stops’, ‘Only the right think fall !’ , ‘And very little lasted eternity’ and ‘Dear Usbek’.


GUEST DIRECTOR  |  1992-2005

‘Around’                     Curitiba, 2012 - Theater-Dance Show, Director and Set Designer,

‘Communitá’              Rio de Janeiro, 2003 - Musical theater production that ran for over a year.

‘DRAW’                       Lisbon / Portugal, 2002 - Director and Set Designer


JUROR AND CURATOR   |  2003-2018

Judge and curator at several festivals, competitions and various different public events in Brazil, including :

•    For All (Para Todos) Dance Festival (Online), March 2021

•    Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade (RJ), FUNARTE (RJ), 2014-2016

•    Macaé Theater Festival (RJ),

•    São Luiz do Maranhão dance festival (MA),

•    Casa Hoffman (PR), Dulcina Theater (RJ),

•    Glauce Rocha Theater (RJ),

•    Tanz Festival- Parnamirim (RGN),

•    FID POA - International Dance Festival (RGS),

•    CBDD (RJ)

TEACHER  |  1995-2018

Taught classical ballet at several companies and schools. Including:
•    Dance School Meeting Point, Idea Ballet Company, Niterói City Ballet - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

•    Diadema Ballet - Sao Paulo, Brazil

•    Summer Courses at Feodorova Space - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
•    Connecticut Ballet - Ct, USA

•    Various schools - Paraná, Brazil

•    Professor of “Movement and Concentration” at Arte 6 TV and the Cinema Academy in Lisbon, Portugal.


CHOREOGRAPHER   |  1983-2012

Choreographed several plays, dance performances and dance theater performances.

•    5 plays for the Choreographic Atelier of Ballet Teatro Guaíra

•    A Tragic Accident’ (play)

•    ‘The Incredible Return of the Lone Rider’ (play) 

•    ‘Eight Down and No Horses’ (play)

•    ‘Two? Only one!’ (Dance-theater)

•    ‘And eternity barely lasted’ (dance-theater)

•    As far as possible’ (play)

•    ‘The Poet's Flight’ (contemporary dance)

•    ‘Dear Usbek’ (Dance-theater)

•    ‘Around’ (Dance-theater)


BALLET DANCER   |  1980 - 2008

Graduated from the Tony Seitz Petzhold Classical Ballet School in Porto Alegre RS, Brazil.

Studied with Raymond Franchetti and Ives Casatti in Paris-France, had scholarships at the Ballet Gulbenkian in Lisbon-Portugal.


Dancer for several dance groups and ballet companies, and as a soloist throughout his repertoire for the following dance companies:

Grupo Terra (Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil), Grupo Fénix (Porto Alegre-RS), Ballet Teatro Guaíra Curitiba-PR-Brazil), Ballet of the City of São Paulo (São Paulo-Brazil), F. Bujiones Brasil (São Paulo) - Brazil), Ballet of Diadema (Diadema-SP-Brazil).


Pedro’s classical repertoire includes:

Giselle, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Bayadere, Coppelia, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Raymonda, Petrushka, Silvia, Diana and Acteon, Le Corsaire, and Carmen, among others. He danced in the operas: La Traviata, Fausto, and Aida.


He also danced in works by the following international choreographers: 

Carlos Tricheiras (Portugal), Rodrigo Pederneiras (Brazil), Vasco Wellemkamp (Portugal), Milko Sparembleck (Croatia), Olga Roriz (Portugal), Tatiana Leskowa (Russia), Clayde Morgan (USA), Fernando Bujones (USA), Marcia Haidee (Brazil), Sandro Borelli (Brazil), Luiz Arrieta (Brazil / Argentina). 


ACTOR   |  1996 - 2010

Acted in plays including:

‘Peter Pan and Neverland’  by Mario Shoemberg / Mauricio Vogue, ‘Women of Lorca’  by Garcia Lorca / Sandra Pires, ‘Two? Only one!’ by Pedro Pires, ‘The Serpent’  by Nelson Rodrigues, ‘Dear Usbek’  by Montesquieu / Pedro Pires, ‘Life is a Dream’  by Calderón de la Barca, ‘The Tunnel’ by Dias Gomes, ‘The Journey of Pedro, the lucky’  by August Strindberg.

PRODUCER   |  1992-2005

Produced several plays and dance-theater performances including :

‘João and José: a common place’, ‘All for half an hour’, ‘Not sure but I think so!’, ‘Two? Only One!’, ‘Only the right things fall’, ‘And just a short while ago’, ‘Where Nothing Stops’, ‘Dear Usbek’, and ‘DRAW’.


COSTUME DESIGNER   |  1992-2016

Created several costumes for the Choreographic Atelier of Ballet Teatro Guaíra and various productions for choreographies, plays and dance-theater performances, including:  ‘João and José: a common place’, ‘Concertino’, ‘Sabarandi’, ‘Des-concerto’, ‘Eight down and we don't have horses’, ‘Dorothea’, ‘Women of Lorca’, ‘Dawn of my life’, ‘Prometheus in chains’, ‘Cortex’, ‘La Peri’, ‘Not sure, but I think so’, ‘Two? Only one!’ ‘And eternity barely lasted’, ‘Dear Usbek’, and ‘The Poet's Flight’.


SCENOGRAPHER   |  1993-2012

Created several sets for the Choreographic Atelier of Teatro de Guaíra and several private productions, including: ‘Concertino’, ‘Sabarandi’, ‘Desconcerto’, ‘Not sure but I think so’, ‘Two? Only one !’, ‘And very little lasted eternity’, ‘Dear Usbek’, ‘The Poet's Flight’, ‘DRAW’ and ‘Around’.




•    Choreographic Atelier of the Balé Teatro Guaira (1983-1990) 
      - Winner six times: Best Costume Design and Set.

•    Best Choreographer (1990) - Disconcerting - Winner

•    Best costume designer (1995) - Eight bass and no horses - nominated

•    Best Costume Designer (1997) - Lorca Women - Winner

•    Best Costume Designer (1997) - Prometheus in Chains - Nominated

•    Best Supporting Actor (1997) - Women of Lorca 1996 – nominated



•    GYROTONIEXPANSION SYSTEM® Instructor, Levels I and II and Gyrotonics for Dancers, Level I

•    Movement director for theater

•    Body coach for actors - theater and movies



Scholarships with the Ballet Gulbenkian in Lisbon-Portugal.

Courses with Raymond Franchetti and Ives Casatti in Paris-France, 
Graduated from the Tony Seitz Petzhold Classical Ballet School in Porto Alegre RS, Brazil. 

CMPA (Colegio Militar de Porto Alegre), Porto Alegre RS, Brazil. 

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